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Est. 2015

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Located in the Puget Sound AVA on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington


Our vision is to produce a collection of sparkling and still wines that reflect the coastal Puget Sound region, as well as varietals admired throughout the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to releasing our collection very soon. Like these vines, Port Townsend has been our home and we’re keeping it homegrown. At Port Townsend Vineyards, we’re passionate about producing the best wine in our local community. In fact, we’re taking every step to grow and ferment delicious organic red & white wines.We love what we’re doing because, you’ll love how we’re doing it. Port Townsend Vineyards is a reflection of family, community, and the sensible sustainable practices that all our local businesses seek to achieve.

About Port Townsend Vineyards

In Summer 2017, the widely anticipated winery Port Townsend Vineyards will open its doors to guests. Three new facilities are under construction to introduce a new line of locally produced wine to the city. This venture was imagined by long-time residents of Port Townsend and will be brought to life in collaboration with a regionally respected winemaker. Numerous family and Port Townsend friends are bringing their talents to bear in order to create a wine experience that represents the honest hard work, coastal character, persistent curiosity, and caring relationships of the Port Townsend culture.


Three New Wine Facilities

Port Townsend Vineyards is in the process of building three new wine immersion experiences in the Port Townsend city limits. Each is a critical component to producing and sharing our upcoming wine release with the Port Townsend community.


1: The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill

Port Townsend Vineyards was unveiled through the planting of a 100% organic vineyard in 2015. Cultivated using biodynamic agriculture principles, this vineyard was carefully planned to showcase the unique grape varietals that traditionally thrive in this geography and coastal climate. The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill will – once complete – welcome guests onto the land to immerse them into a world of winemaking that begins with lesser-known and beautiful varietals.


Did you know: The vineyard is located in a part of Port Townsend known historically as Portuguese Hill? Little is known on the reason for that name, but reference to it can be found here. It is more commonly referred to as Dundee Place.


2: Gateway Winery

All of the grapes grown locally and sourced from top regional vineyards will be cared for in this brand new wine production facility. Built as a custom crush facility, this new building will house state of the art wine making equipment and ample space for barrel storage. The Gateway Winery is located at the southern entry into Port Townsend off of West Sims Way. When complete, it will be a warm welcoming landmark for visitors (and residents alike) into the city.


3: C.F. Clapp Building Wine Bar

Probably the most widely anticipated opening in the Port Townsend Vineyards collection is a revitalized and reimagined historic C.F. Clapp Building. First built in 1885, the two-story brick building will become an immersive wine bar and regional food pairings experience with tasting counter and a variety of seating configurations to support large and small group activities and events. What could be better than great wine and local fare shared with great friends looking out over a great view?


Did you know: For a time, the C.F. Clapp Building was a pre-Prohibition saloon in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It then transformed into an athletic club in the 1930s and hosted many wrestling and boxing matches. source


What’s Next?

Once construction is substantially completed at each of the three locations, Port Townsend Vineyards will begin hiring a sales, marketing and tasting room team as they set a date for the official opening in Summer 2017. Meanwhile, our winemaker and their team will continue work sourcing great fruit and transforming it into wine that inspires people and nourishes the soul.


Want to Get Involved and/or Stay Informed?

Please register your contact information on our website and invite your peers to do the same. Like us on Facebook. Our followers will be the first to know when something new is released or more information is available.


What types of wine will you make?
Our vision is to produce a collection of sparkling and still wines that reflect the coastal Puget Sound region, as well as varietals admired throughout the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to releasing our collection very soon.

Where are your grapes being grown?
We will make sparkling with our grapes grown locally. Still red and white wines will come from vineyards in eastern Washington and Oregon hand-selected based on shared values and exceptional grapes.

What grape varietals are growing in Port Townsend?
The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill includes a range of varietals, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Siegerrebe, Madeleine Angevine, Auxerrois, Ortega, Rondo, Garanoir, Muscat of Norway, and Iskorka.

Will you distribute your wine beyond Port Townsend?
It is important to us that the wine produced using Port Townsend grapes be made accessible to the local community first. While distribution plans are yet to be set, we envision relationships with select restaurants and specialty wine shops will do the best job at showcasing the uniqueness of our area and wines. Of course, the majority of our products will be available at the C.F. Clapp Building Wine Bar.

What prices do you anticipate selling your wine at?
Specific prices have not been set for Port Townsend Vineyards wine. We are exploring unique vessels for our products, which we feel will help in our mission to care for the land while also keeping our wine accessible at everyday prices.  We look forward to releasing more information alongside our wine collection very soon.

Will guests be able to visit each location?
Yes! Once finished, we will encourage everyone to visit each of our three locations. Each will offer a different experience in the journey of winemaking. The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill will expose guests to the art of growing and harvesting grapes. The Gateway Winery offers guests and emerging winemakers to get up close to our state-of-the-art equipment and winemaking methods. Downtown will be a sensory experience with an emphasis on the experience of wine and food together. Throughout each location we wish to highlight the full wine experience, which includes not only the wine, but also the environment and company that surrounds it. We look forward to releasing more information as it develops.

Are you hiring? How can I apply for an open position?
Port Townsend Vineyards will be hiring team members for the C.F. Clapp Building Wine Bar in Spring 2017. Please check back at that time for more information on opportunities to join our team.

How long will construction activities last?
In 2015 and 2016 we planted the Vineyard at Portuguese Hill. In late 2016 the Port Townsend Vineyards Gateway Winery will be complete and fully operational making wine.  In the Summer 2017 the C.F. Clapp Building Wine Bar will open to the public, completing our construction efforts. We very much appreciate everyone’s patience with our construction process.

The journey will be long, yet as the vines grow deep we’re reminded of how much we need the support of our community to reap this first harvest. From our farm to your table, we thank you for your support.

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